Qi Learning Presents:

Pandemic Teaching Practices & Strategies

Time-saving tips and tools to engage students in any environment.
$500 1-hour session per school site
$2000 3-hour interactive session per school site




  • Use "no planning needed" tools that spark critical thinking.
  • Incorporate teaching strategies that work with ANY subject or curriculum.


  • Use the same tools across any platform, regardless of whether you're online, in-person, or hybrid.
  • Low cost to no cost supplies to work with any budget.


  • Learn easy, culturally responsive teaching techniques that engage all students. 
  • Frameworks that spark critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.
Meet Dr.Yen

Dr. Yen Verhoeven is a learning theorist with over twenty years of experience teaching science and education to thousands of people from all ages. She holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction, and is a certified online instructional designer and program evaluator. Dr. Yen is also the interim co-chair for the Iowa Governor's Creativity and Innovation Task Force.

Prior to becoming the founder and CEO of Qi Learning Research Group and the STEAM Café, Dr. Yen was a college biotechnology department chair and pharmacy technology co-chair, a high school science teacher, and a lab manager. 

In 2018, Qi Learning Research Group received a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - MiSK Foundation Grand Challenges Grant to develop an elementary STEM  professional development platform for teachers. The grant resulted in the development of a free resource library for elementary teachers, STEM workshops, and a supportive teacher network.
Meet Jennifer
Jennifer Terry, M.A. has been in education for over 25 years. She has worked in multiple roles within the school system as a Pre K-8th grade classroom teacher, an instructional coach for school, and a Culturally Responsive Teaching Coach for districts. In addition to this work, she recently co-authored a Socially Conscious Social Emotional Learning Curriculum that is rooted in Culturally and Linguistically Responsive pedagogy. 

Jennifer also works for the Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning as a school consultant. She created and leads the Summer Institute training for teachers.  
Engage and ignite the love of learning in your students
Learn strategies to make learning fun while engaging your students in higher level thinking, no matter if you are online, in-person, or hybrid!
Teaching that emphasizes learning and critical thinking
Align your teaching practices to the ways that we naturally learn so that your students can easily learn and enjoy the content that you create.
Align to national standards and 21st century skills
Learn to integrate 21st century skills in your instruction to inspire lifelong learning.
Also included in the course
Comprehensive Workbook
Use the workbook as a cognitive scaffold to help you put down your thoughts and ideas in a way to help you organize, revise, and refine them as you go along.
Live Workshop
In this interactive Zoom workshop, you will work with Dr.Yen and Jennifer Terry, M.A., who will share how to use these tools in different environments to help reach all your students. 
"Thank you so much for encouragement and ideas as we go through this unusual time. I love the idea you had to include/invite parents to the distant learning class too! When we are in our school building we always encourage our parents to get involved so online learning shouldn't be any different! I also believe this toolkit is going to be a tremendous help. Thank you!"
Claudette B.
"This is small, but I like the way Ms. Terry uses the phrase "What questions do you have?" instead of "Does anyone have a question?" To me it gives the message that it's normal for students to have questions and that the teacher wants to hear them rather than giving the impression that students asking questions will be an annoyance or hinderance to the class moving forward." 
Jesse E.
"This training gave me the tools and ideas that I need to personalize my remote instruction to improve connections with my 600+ students, and it gave me an amazing group of educator-friends who support each other and remind each other that we're not alone in our struggles in this challenging time. Yen is engaging, thoughtful, open-minded, and supportive. I'm looking for other trainings, and I highly recommend this one!" 
Charity L.

"I feel like I learned more about how to actually teach this week than I did in my college training. I truly feel like I am better equipped to teach & communicate with my students." 
Erin P.
"This training made me think deeper into my teaching pedagogy to support more than just the traditional teaching method." 
Maria P.
"WOW! There was so much jammed into this session!!! I am so excited!!! Thank you for all of these amazing resources and accompanying videos."
Kathryn J.
"This was the BEST and MOST effective PD I have had all summer! What a FANTASTIC workshop!! Most engaging and interactive virtual learning I've ever experienced."  
Rita H.
"WOW- these presentations made me feel SO GOOD. It was a revolutionary experience for me to see how effective virtual learning could look and feel." 
Lizzy R.
"This truly was the best virtual training I have ever been a part of! Thanks so much for your energy, commitment, creativity, and communication on this!" 
Pat S.
"This was perfect. After completing 2 weeks of eLearning and 1 week of Spring Break, I was feeling overwhelmed and a little lost. I decided today was a day to just regroup and set a simple plan for the coming days. This was tremendously helpful with that."
April J.
"Thank you so much! I enjoyed learning from you and it was wonderful to see you in action."  
Kelly R.